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Cur Dogs

Types of Curs in the Cur Family

Cur dogs are specialized multipurpose working / hunting dogs from the southern USA. Each Cur breed or type is unique. Usually not recognized as show dogs, but developed solely for their hunting ability.  As a result, most of the cur breeds are types rather than breeds; i.e. one of these dogs can be recognized as a certain type of Cur but the appearance standard is extremely flexible, enough so that a complete breed appearance standard is difficult to create. The name "Cur" means a mongrel dog, and since Curs were developed from a large variety of dogs, that is how they got their name. Cur dogs are not the result of random cross breeding. You cannot "Make" a cur dog. Curs are specialized working dogs bred for ability by breeding the best to the best", based on individual performance and usually regardless of the actual breed. Several kennel clubs do however, register various cur breeds based on their ancestry (bloodlines), and several lines are recognized within each breed. The United Kennel Club has an active registration program and competition hunting program for these dogs.The "cur" dog is one of the few working breeds that originates right here in the United States. They come from different lines, and of different types. While all have a common origination from the southern part of the US, they have similar but  distinctively different hunting styles, traits, and separate regional originations. Most of the breeds of cur dogs date back to pioneer times, and were used to help put food on the families table, as well as to be a guardian to alert their families to the approach of strangers. the worth of a good hunting dog back then should not be underestimated. A families Cur dogs played a huge role in producing game for the family food, both hunting and rounding up semi-wild livestock that were "free ranging". A dogs working ability was of paramount importance. A dog had to provide above and beyond what he cost his family in feed. There are many short references to this type of dog in American literature but the exact history and make up of most of these "Cur Dogs" is vague due to the fact that most of it is verbal, and was not recorded on paper...

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