Canis Panther 


The Canis Panther was bred in the USA in the 1970s for personal protection. They are an excellent choice for people looking for a reliable guard dog.Temperament:  The Canis Panther gets along well with children. They may get along with another dog of a non dominant breed, if they are raised together. They don't do well with strangers.


Breed Group *  Protection

Weight: 85 *140 Lbs.

Height: 24 *30 Inches.

Color s *  fawn, chocolate, black, blue  gray

Coat *  The coat is short and close



Character *  The Canis Pointer is loyal, intelligent and loving.

Care *  The coat needs very little attention.

Training *  The Canis Panther does well with training in obedience, protection and agility.

Activity *  This breed needs plenty of room to run outside.

Country of Origin  =  USA

Health Issues 

Life Expectancy *   10-11  Yrs. 


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